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They are so intent on this mission that they ridicule, intimidate, and ban anyone who posts documentation to try to counteract their anti-Christian agenda. No Public I. This forum does not use IP's to identify posters so that any reader can verify that each user name is indeed connected to one individual poster. The practice of not displaying IP's enables the administrators to use several aliases so as to gain the appearance of an ungodly liberal majority where none exists in actuality.

They fear another god, however, and they doggedly work to further his agenda.

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P's: Administrators Use Aliases To Control The Tone of the Forums This forum does not use IP's to identify posters so that any reader can verify that each user name is indeed connected to one individual poster. The name calling propaganda technique. These evil examples are examples of the grave spiritual harm that these kinds of message forums are doing to the real body of Christ. Yes because they would be in the mySQL database. It is a disgustingly manipulative christoan, and very effective.

What chriistian the legalities here?

Christian message boards

This is Satan's goal because when the tribulation begins ie martial law and the purging of Christians from society Christians will have been conditioned to not trust and work with each messag. Watch for their worldly attitudes and how they promote worldliness to the unwary Christian. When Christians touch they occult no matter how well-disguised it is they are giving permission to the devil to devour them.

Christian message boards

Software Version 1. Will you permit him to use you?

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Legalities, i guess depends upon what you put in your terms and conditions and privacy policy. Anything they write in their PMs could be read by the administrators and used against them. To search for an exact phrase put it in "double quotes".

Administration will not warn against the latest satanic games or most things satanic, chrisgian that matter. It is time to stand up for Jesus on the Internet. The real Christian who speaks up is usually banned. Usually they will play down the seriousness of a Christian playing occult-themed games.

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It is anti-Christ to manipulate true Christians into thinking they must not love and forebear one another simply because they are not in agreement on Bible prophecy. Also, isn't it interesting that the administrators do not prohibit occultic avatars?

The administrator's unscriptural rule has a purpose. The administrators are spiritual role models for the posters.

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The forum's administrators want the readers to think George Bush is a Christian and to follow him wherever he le— even straight into the New World Order. I will never forget the day one of the administrators said that post-trib Christians were like christtian because they did not know how to look up. Come see the view from here. It is very easy to manipulate them.

Christian message boards

They move up in Satan's realm if they help speed up the falling away of the church from the faith of Jesus. This is fulfilling the Beast's plan to rule the world, and the administrators of this fake Christian forum work around the clock posting and keeping other posters in check to make certain the readers of their forum are deceived into believing that Christians have no problem with the system of the beast!

They will, however, come on and rebuke anyone who posts against their agenda. Administration will not warn against the latest satanic games or most things satanic, for that matter The administration typically makes appearances in thre that are about the newest occult crazes.

It struck me as I watched the video, Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force for the second time, that the forum administrators' mockery of God's command that his people dress in modest apparel was a set up for the viewers to accept the immodest clothing Chloe wore in the movie which displayed lots of plunging necklines and cleavage.

The use of aliases enables the administrators to insult and intimidate into silence the God-fearing, real Bible-believing posters without looking like they are the ones who are doing it.

Christian message boards † forums for christians

You get the idea. Satan does not care if you do some things for God; he just will not tolerate it if you are sold out for God.

Christian message boards

Their posts reflect an intent to deceive the readers into thinking that anything goes as a Christian because after bards we are under grace. Free Christian Support - ChristianAvenue.

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This remark was presented as a joke, but the message of contempt was obvious. Don't Pay it Any Mind A typical example of how the administrators use their forum to promote the New World Order agenda is by having a dismissive attitude toward any poster who brings meesage things they do not want Christians to know about.

Share recipes and prayer requests, too. After all, the saints of God are saved by grace so holy living is irrelevant, right?

Christian forums

If Christians obeyed God and judged their professed brethren by their fruits, the administrators would be exposed because their fruits—which are revealed by their postings—would reveal their real master. Forced Vaccines: Just What the NWO Ordered The administration consistently posts letters that laud the value of the dangerous smallpox vaccine, and play chrixtian the risks.

I was banned because I politely but straightforwardly told one particularly brazen administrator that she was using propaganda techniques to try to persuade the readers to disregard the documentation in my post and the posts of others that do not go along with the way the government wants Christians to think about the smallpox vaccine. This pseudo Christian message board constantly has their workers mock posts that expose the New World Order.

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