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You can then open the file in your word processing program.

We care for people. I think we talk the same as everyone else. Amelia has a more proper voice than us.

New Orleans, born and raised! So then I came back and somehow, the accent, whatever I was repelled by, because endearing to me.

New orleans

Solid quarter. It's unbelievable.

You can't look at the color of my skin and try to judge my insides, right? I think it really depends a lot on locale. But they can always point to people they think speak even loiusiana.

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Except people from the Ninth Ward! Everything was like "Wow, man". I hirls culture, right? But I was born and raised right here in New Orleans!

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Could you tell me that--I'd like to know too, since you made that statement? How people fit into boxes. Mostly frozen foods, I think, cause you didn't cook anything for me today, unfortunately. And so the black person often has to become bilingual. She tried to eat the bathtub, but it wouldn't go down her throat.

Chat with new orleans louisiana girls

They don't speak any English, I mean, their English is horrendous! Bring it on down. I was on Tulane's campus the other day, and I was listening to this chick talk--well, she was white, and she was like, preppy.

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And categorization. You can tell. That's the medium? And where Loyola was is no longer there, because the City Hall parking lot is there! Well, it works the same way in New Orleans.

Chat with new orleans louisiana girls

We kinda, I wouldn't necessarily say slur our words, but we don;t enunciate, and pronounce our words Because some people look at you different because you don't use slang. How much money you got on you? And it certainly has produced a lot of words that you have to know if you're going to talk MG. I moved away from New Orleans when I was 21 because I couldn't stand the way people talked. You can't look at the color of my skin and try to judge my insides, right?

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Well, you know, people make the world go round. Like a detective, you can listen to someone's dialect for firls to their identity, like what part of town they're from, how much money they make, or what racial or ethnic group they belong to. We don't have to go put on. And I think sometimes the New Orleanian white person has to do that just so they'll fit back into their old personal relationships, and then have another way of talking for the office.

Chat with new orleans louisiana girls

I pass the mop and pass the vacuum. You're from Brooklyn.

Chat with new orleans louisiana girls

I love listening to people who were real at it, who don;t affect it like I do, but who are real at it So I moved to Los Angeles, to Hollywood, and from there I moved to New York, and lived there, and lived with people in Manhattan who spoke very much like they speak here. Actually, New Orleans's English was shaped by the French and Spanish who first settled here, and also by African languages, and the dialects of the deep South.

I mean, it;'s not a matter of pride or anything, but I don;t want to go through the process of making my tongue do the stuff you have to do to talk right. You can't have the party. People here talk a lot about what Louisiwna Orleans is like, how it's different from other places, how it's orleana and unique, and what we have that nobody else has, why people in New Orleans never want to gigls once they've moved here.

I see it's little foot hanging out.

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She drunk up all the water, she ate up all the soap. Our voice means love. She put it in the bathtub, to see if she could swim. Alright foley, nothing much!

New orleans la

Well, nothing much. That's why they're in so much trouble down there! Vegetable man. Got lemon, got onion, got garlic. There are many different New Orleans dialect spoken by many different New Orleanians. I know some. And if you fine-tune your ears to the way people speak, you can pick up a lot of unspoken information about them: from their social class to what part of town they grew up in.

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